Internet for the Solar System


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People and spacecraft can't go anywhere in the solar system without communication and data access, and it’s getting competitive to secure access.

Once access is granted, people spend hundreds of millions of dollars to place spacecraft in lunar and deep space.

Due to limited data capacity, they can only send back a fraction of the vital data the spacecraft can collect.

Current government systems, limited room for growth, limited delivery capacity: 19% of the cost goes to set-up and tear down time.

We can do better than this.

The next wave of human expansion rests upon our ability to facilitate access to reliable, secure, high data rate communications. Aquarian Space is the world's first high data rate internet service provider for the solar system.

SOLNET is our Space Based Relay Network that allows you to send and receive high volumes of uninterrupted streaming data quickly and reliably, 24 /7.

/ 100Mbps, 24/7 from the moon
/ No more competing for government priority
/ Choose more data to send down
/ Commitment to lunar customer coverage
/ Same receiver mechanisms as the current standard
(you don’t change your technology to work with us)

Governments and commercial space explorers are depending on innovative commercial telecom providers to fill this growing demand.


The Carrington Event, a powerful solar storm in 1859, wrought havoc on the telegraph systems. If a similar storm happened today, it would cause widespread devastation, knock out the electrical grid, and cost trillions of dollars in damage.

Entrepreneur and CEO Kelly Larson talks about how she and her team are working to create the first deep-space communication network so that we can better predict when the next solar flare will occur.


How Big Problems Lead to Bigger Opportunities
Kelly Larson | CEO, Aquarian Space


Our mission is to construct the interplanetary communications infrastructure that makes possible the next wave of human expansion throughout our solar system.


As a team, we’ve never seen Aquarian Space as just a business; we see it as a mission.

One that matters.

And it requires a highly-skilled, committed, and passionate team.

We design our team the way you would assemble a crew for a mission.

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