Michael Hackman’s vision of evolving aerospace strategies to enable humanity’s expansion into space has been developing for over 20 years. Today, that visionary technology is at the heart of Aquarian Space.

Over the last 36 years, Michael has been innovating in aerospace programs for Boeing, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp, and Laboratory For Atmospheric And Space Physics (LASP).

Becky Strauss has 24 years of experience as a Mission Assurance engineer in the Aerospace Industry and the United States Air Force. She has a unique capacity to ask strategic questions and ensures the integrity of our plans and goals. 

Kelly Larson is a serial entrepreneur and experienced leader with a passion for building sustainable business cultures. Her keen business instincts offer a new style of leadership and business acumen in the emerging space industry.

As Michael began to develop his budding space venture, he invited Becky and Kelly in as cofounders with strategically unique backgrounds, perspectives, and strengths. Aquarian Space was born.


As a team, we’ve never seen Aquarian Space as just a business; we see it as a mission.
One that matters. And it requires a highly-skilled, committed, and passionate team.

We design our team the way you would assemble a crew for a mission.
This mission requires experienced specialists that are able to work together harmoniously and expand their capabilities through strategic collaboration.


Title // Chief Executive Officer
Role // Relational leader, business development, strategic partnerships


Kelly’s 20 years of entrepreneurship and five years in the space industry afford her a strategic range and perspective as a leader. As a relational leader and global connector, she builds powerful business partnerships, customer acquisitions, and investor relationships. Her business instincts offer an innovative style of leadership and business acumen in the emerging interplanetary space economy.


Title // Chief Operating Officer
Role // Unyielding, stable foundation and fearless inquisitor

Becky has 20 years of experience as a Mission Assurance engineer in the Aerospace Industry and the United States Air Force. Her wisdom keeps us grounded and consistent. She creates solid foundations while empowering us to take the big leaps that bring our dreams to fruition. She is passionate about creating an impeccable turn-key company. Becky is a fearless and calculated inquisitor, always scanning the horizon for what is coming next.


Title // Chief Inventor
Role //Visionary researcher and inventor

As our founding visionary and Chief Inventor, Michael is responsible for seeing what’s possible and designing a plan to make it a reality. He sees the natural patterns of the solar system and how to design architectures to act in harmony with those patterns. Michael spent 36 years in the space industry making visionary technology and programs a reality. He has successfully directed a multitude of innovative space programs and ventures on time and under budget every time.


Title // VP of Business Development
Role // Growth driver and business strategist

After over 20 years in executive roles in advisory, corporate, non-profit and start-up environments, John  joins Aquarian Space with a diverse set of business experiences, including leading lines of business in multinational corporations, international business development, competitive and marketing strategy, management consulting, and executive development and coaching.

Doug Slaybaugh

Title // Director of Finance
Role // Building trust and financial clarity

Doug Slaybaugh

Doug Slaybaugh, CPA, CGMA, PCC, CPCC, has over twenty years of experience within and around the accounting profession, with the greater part of his initiation spent with some of the largest firms in the world, as well as calls to adventure as controller, CFO, and entrepreneur. As a former audit partner, Doug has experience and expertise with financial reporting, finance, accounting, and many different industries. He has been through the trials of public accounting and leads with integrity.

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