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Innovators Worldwide Submit Ideas to NASA iTech, Competition Semifinalists Announced

Innovators around the world answered NASA iTech’s call for inventive ideas that could benefit space exploration as well as solve challenges on Earth. Of the submissions to the second cycle of the competition in 2019, NASA has selected 25 semifinalists.

Space Cowboys, China’s New Long March, Interplanetary Opportunities And Existential Risks— Our New Age In Space

I recently spoke for the New Worlds 2019 confab in Austin, Texas, an annual gathering of space enthusiasts…While the space community is still small, it’s passionate and making progress. It’s not just for billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk— though their commitment is essential—and Comicon enthusiasts— though New Worlds did include a fair dose of Comiconisity. Real businesses, from healthcare and resources to aerospace and defense, are actively investing in these early days.

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