Humans spend hundreds of millions of dollars to place spacecraft in lunar and deep space so we can study asteroids, moons, and planets throughout our solar system.

Due to limited communication abilities in interplanetary space, it is only possible to transfer a fraction of that vital scientific data we collect from existing satellites. We can do better than this.

Every space mission is already operating under major data constraints and priority limitations. It’s difficult to even get basic access to interplanetary space communications. Each time the current provider, NASA adds an antenna, they are 100% booked. And the market is projected to more than double in the next decade.

As current networks are hard to access and already booked, space agencies, defense agencies, and commercial space explorers are depending on innovative commercial telecom providers to fill this gap.

Here on Earth, people’s lives depend upon effective communications every day. Imagine what it’s like in interplanetary space where we have zero margin for error.

The space economy is also limited in its ability to predict space weather and asteroids that pose a threat to humans on spacecrafts and on Earth. Lunar and eventually Mars Space Situational Awareness (SSA) must improve so we can better identify and predict potential threats, such as space debris and space weather, and how to mitigate them.

SOLNET provides the high data rates and 24/7 streaming abilities that, with our partners, make these tracking and prediction capabilities possible and reliable.

Human expansion into space relies on a foundation of fast, reliable, abundant communications abilities. Space tourism, mining, scientific exploration and planetary defense all depend on these vital communication capacities.

A space based economy affords an enormous opportunity for humanity, from economic opportunities in mining resources on the moon and asteroids, to tourism like we’ve never known.

We are helping to usher in the next wave of human expansion into the solar system.

SOLNET is our Space Based Relay Network that allows you to send and receive high volumes of uninterrupted streaming data quickly and reliably, 24/7.

This allows us to facilitate humanity’s expansion into space more safely, with greater access and enhanced scientific discovery capacities. 

We are developing a major foundational utility for the emerging solar system economy.



Our clients need to transfer scientific and logistics data across our networks. That data helps us live better lives here on Earth. Here is a sampling of the types of data our clients typically transfer.

Space Situation Awareness (SSA) for lunar defense - tracking space debris, space weather and more. Scientific data from the moon and Mars. Planetary defense data like solar data and asteroid detection for prediction of space weather and human-based threats to our planet.


We serve three types of customers. 


As a team, we’ve never seen Aquarian Space as just a business; we see it as a mission.

One that matters.

And it requires a highly-skilled, committed, and passionate team.

We design our team the way you would assemble a crew for a mission.

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